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Submitted by brad on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 13:55
Content/content. English, you so craaazy.  Sorry for the lack of content.  I find it odd to blog. I've lived my life keeping as small a footprint as possible in life. Part of the reason for this site was to go outside my comfort zone, but the internet is so...permanent. I can't presume ramblings about my daily life are interesting to anyone but myself, and any attempt to talk about something more serious may lead to a permanent record of my ignorance and naivete.  Decades from now, my children's children may get into a schoolyard fight over a classmate's mentally projected hologram of my idiotic statements, statements that somehow undermined the fabric of the universe and lessened us as a people.  Then they'll be teleported home where parental nanobots in their blood stream will make them stand in the corner of their sleep chamber until Third Meal. Perhaps I'm being negative, though. Perhaps this is the dawn of a Bill&Ted-esque utopia.  I cannot play guitar, though, and a thriving society based on sarcasm, non-sequiters, and statements that can be folllowed by 'That's what she said" or "So's your mother", seems unlikely.

Nonetheless, I'll try not to think so much about the ticking timebomb of shame and destruction that I am building for future generations and post more.