Day 04 - Disneyland!

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 10/11/2016 - 17:23
He Said:This morning we knocked off some of California Adventures. It's downright chilly in the morning. As far as my disappointment goes, today's was "Lightning McQueen is leaving but no need to get out of line as Mater will be here shortly"...followed by a wait, then the appearance of some fire truck. Other than that - today we saw Frozen, the musical. They herd you in like cattle and I almost got in a fight, but it is an amazing show. As much as I want to complain about ticket prices for the park, you get your money's worth. Going to see that show in the theatre, would have easily cost as much as the ticket into the park today. The constant lines are annoying, but the trade-off is that; the level of entertainment is amazing. Even the barber shop quartet or 50s singers. Frozen was very well done. The colours in stage plays are so vibrant. After Frozen we went back to the hotel where Ryan and G had a nap followed by prep for the Halloween party! It had a better of a rough start (G was sick and Ryan was cranky) but the Halloween Party was great. A prefect night. The weather was good, the crowds were light, and everyone was in good spirits. I went as Bill & Ted's Ted, Mara as zombie Rapunzel, Ryan as Captain America and Shannon as pop comic girl. Ted "Theodore" Logan was a big hit. I got a lotta love tonight. The lines for the rides were super light. It was hard to hit everything in, though. The kids did the treat stations, but then we missed some character signings. The kids did some rides, but then we missed a couple treat stations. We never did make it to half of the park. Cost aside, I could completely see coming down just for the party. Buy two party nights and in between go to the beach. Not that I'm saying we'll be back. I'm sue Ryan would like one more trip, but it felt a bit bittersweet this time. The kids enjoyed it, but they're also aging out of it, I think. I also thought 3 years would be enough to have everything changed, but I still recognized the parade, Disney JR was still the same act, so on and so forth. In three years I may want to take Ryan one more time (all of them of course), but right now it felt like a fitting final trip...although I would like to see Christmas. The parade was cool, as were the projections on the buildings. In an earlier post I'd commented on the lack of Halloween. This night made up for it. It is everywhere. She Said: