Day 06 - Disneyland

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Submitted by brad on Sat, 10/22/2016 - 10:50
He Said:Today was another later arrival, and the crowds were light! Finally! I wish it had been like this every day. 15 minute waits, tops. Today was mostly about seeing everything we liked one last time and, for me, trying to actually 'see' it this time. Pay attention. There's so much I missed before, focused on getting everyone there, watching out for Ryan, herding through the line. We met some characters, ate some pickles and pineapple, looped through some rides. Gillian and I did Big Thunder Mountain Railroad twice (three?) times while Shannon took M (and R reluctantly I'm sure) to meet Princesses. As it makes the ones turn you get a great view of the construction in Star Wars land. I wish I liked Star Wars more, because it's definitely becoming a big part of their DNA. Or more accurately, I wish they'd bought Star Trek instead. That I could get excited about. We saw the cheesy show at the Golden Jamboree, which I don't think I've ever done. Gillian and I tried Indiana Jones one more time, only to get stuck in it. That ride's been broken for an "indefinite amount of time" every time we've been here. I guess today was our turn. I hated that for the same reason I hate flying. Being stuck on the tarmac. 60 minutes in there (about 30-40 actually stuck, the rest was getting to that point and getting out) and zero feedback. Just this record voice saying there's a problem, stay calm, they're investigating. Around 25-30 minutes in somebody walked by, but told us they had to go check on another car first and would be back. That was the only interaction with a person. I was about ready to cut through the seatbelt. In exchange for suffering post traumatic stress so severe I'll probably wet my pants the next time I put on a seatbelt, they gave us a pass for all 5 of us to go on any ride, even if it's not fast pass. As I say, the rides only have about 15 minute waits today but we still used it for Pirates. Still couldn't get Ryan to go on it, but with the ride switch that works out well for G and M. We also did the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters a couple more times. It's not important who beat who, who got the highest score ever, or any of that. It just matters that we had fun (It was me). Definitely a game we all love, and definitely one that we all need to go on individually, because we're quite competitive. When I rode with Mara I felt bad because I'd get all the targets before her, but if I didn't, Shan was going to kick my butt. Today had a couple moments that redeemed Disneyland. About 15 minutes before we were to be booted from the park for the night, Mara wanted a Goofy hat monogrammed(they typically do the Mickey hats). We were referred to a store on main street that could do it, but they typically do it over the course of a day. They put a rush on it for her, to have it ready by 7:20. While we were waiting, Gillian went over to the magic shop to ask about a deck of cards she'd bought that she thought might be defective. (I am forbidden, by magician's code, from saying what the issue was). After they conferred off to the side in the training area, he told her to bring it in for a refund. Which, obviously, we couldn't do as this was our last night. Anyway - he hemmed for about a second, then basically said he trusted her assessment and gave her a new one. We also had a nice conversation in the penny-arcade with a guy who has been servicing the - whatever, for 30-40 years. I'd call it a self playing piano but it had drums and chimes, and is called something else. He was there watching it to make sure it was working and told us an interesting story or two about it and his time there. Then it was off to pack and get to bed so we could make an early start. She Said: