Holy Insecurities Batman!

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Submitted by brad on

Whenever I try to play Batman with Ryan, he's quite insistent that "No, you're Robin!".  Two years old and he already thinks >I'M< the sidekick? Time to make a child cry.  I can't quite decide if that's immature or sound parenting. Isn't it a Dad's job to make sure his children are humble and respectful? A litle fatherly reality check?

I was thinking I'd start with:

"A sidekick who can eat candy whenever he wants and doesn't crap his pants! " <KAPOW!>

And follow that up with a dash of:

"You're flying. Seriously? You think Batman flies? I don't know who your Daddy is, but when you find out, ask him why he dropped you on your head so much." <BLAMMO!>

Maybe go right for the jugular with a:

"Does Batman get sent to bed at 8 so Robin can do his Momma?" <KABLOOIE!>

Then wrap it up with a well-timed:

"Who's your Batman now, baby?!?" <BOO-YAH!>

Kids these days...