Worst Entry Ever.

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 02/08/2011 - 11:53
I hesitate to put this out there, but so little else happens in my life worth mentioning.  Last night I had quite possibly the most traumatic, embarassing, humiliating moment of my life. One of those moments that I will wince to think about for years.  If I were to take my life tomorrow, people would say "Y'know - I get it". That'd be in addition to the already expected sighs of relief and raucous partying, but that's another story.

My only excuse, I'll say in advance, is lack of sleep. My head was bobbing. In any case - this is my mea culpa:

I've been entering this contest on iCoke for a family trip for 4. Unlike most no-contest entries, the no-contest entry is dead easy. It's a survey with such hard-hitting questions as "A vegetarian eats a lot of: vegetables, shoes, beef".  Click click click, check the box, repeat. 10 entries a week, and I burn through them in one sitting. There's also an instant win prize. 125 a day. Two are PS3 packs, while the rest are a board game, pop, popcorn, and glasses.

Last night around midnight I was well past my bedtime and I realized it was a new week. Figured I might as well get it done. Click click check, click click check, happily droning alone on autopilot. I don't even have to read the questiosn anymore. If I see "skates", I know that's the answer. 11, there's another answer.  "2 or 4". You get the idea. 

At one point, 8 entries in, I realized my click click check wasn't working, there was something different is on the screen. I'd won! Instant win prize! Is it a PS3, is it a board game, who knows? Simply answer the skill testing question and win. I think, aces! Maybe I should get a calculator before I click Next? No, it's a formality, they're always easy. I click Next.  The question was:
I confidently, instantly, using my lighting fast skills at math, I arrive at the answer.. It asks me to reenter it and click a check box confirming. I enter it again. I go to hit submit, and pause for a second. Maybe they're being tricky. I should thinking about this. Hmm. Brackets, but those don't matter in this case, the order of operations is the same.  4x3-3, think of it another way that's four 3s, take one away, that's three 3s. Yep. I have it. I go to click submit and once again catch myself. Now that was close! I shouldn't do this half asleep, I almost submitted the wrong answer. I hit 9 instead of 0 and was about to submit 19. Boy, would that have been stupid. I quickly correct the 9 to a zero and hit submit.

  "I'm sorry, your answer is wrong".

I still don't get it. I fixed the typo, I didn't submit 19, I submitted 10. I entered it twice, I confirmed. What gives? Did I read one of the numbers wrong? No, I swear it was (4x3)-3, that's te - oh crap.