Fuzzy Castle...Funny Name

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(This was my dream this morning) Ben Stiller and William Hurt are fathers, families, on a vacation. I was kind of Ben Stiller, but also kind of watching it on a screen.

Stiller's kids are in the washroom and he's yelling at them through the door to let him in.  He gives up and goes into the room next door. Wearing swim trunks, he closes the door and leans against it. As is common in a Stiller movie, realizing he's alone, he leans against the door to keep it closed and begins to...'entertain' himself.  As he proceeds, the door pushes open and slams shuts again under his weight. It's Hurt. Panicked, Stiller quickly takes the two steps from the door to the bed, pivoting and plopping down on the edge of it, while grabbing at his trunks.  His trunks still not quite fully up, he crosses his legs and slouches forward, arms on his knee, face resting in his hand.  Hurt enters.

Hurt: "Just getting my trunks, going to hit the pool".  (It's at this point I realize Hurt is the mildly annoying, slightly effeminate pest, the thorn in Stiller's vacation. Stiller clearly didn't invite him. Brother-in-law, perhaps? Neighbour?)

Stiller grunts something, nods his head, shifts uncomfortably, still slouching forward with his arms crossed. Hurt opens the drawer and starts digging for his trunks. He stops, straightens up, then sniffs the air and looks around.

Hurt: "Smells like a cashier's tape roll in here" (I know, wha? It's a dream. I guess the rolls of paper in the cash register.)

Stiller looks awkard, nervous, makes a face, a semi shoulder shrug. Hurt crosses over quickly, bends his head almost completely towards Stiller's lap and sniffs, to a shocked Stiller's surprise.

Stiller: "Hey, what - what are you doing? Yeah, ok, it's me alright? I just need to take a shower but the kids won't get out of there." <gestures with his hand to the door then remembers his situation and quickly puts his hand back>

Hurt stands, stops a beat, nods, and then sits down next to Stiller, crossing his legs. One knee over the other, arms to his side, palms flat on the bed, leaning back slightly with his leg dangling out in front of them. At this point the camera focuses on his foot, where we see some sort of large, black, lumpy growth on the toe next to the big toe. It almost seems to be breathing (or pulsating), with a little hole cracked in skin on top. There are also several long white hairs, roughly 4-6 inches sticking out of it, his toe, his entire foot really. They are standing straight out, much like someone with static in their hair. (It's at this point in the dream that I'm a viewer again, because I remember the image vividly. I remember thinking "Huh, I wonder if Hurt really has hair like that, or if they did that for the movie'. I looked at his foot, his leg, even his chest, and they were all over. Long, white, wiry hairs sticking straight out at 90 degree angles. If this was done in makeup, that was a lot of effort) Stiller does a double take when he sees it.

Stiller: "Oh my god what? What it is that!?! Look at it! Is it oozing?"

As they stare at it, the "breathing" continues, and out of the little crack in it, a tiny bead of fluid forms. Almost like a pimple. (I'm not sure if it bubbled, gurgled, or oozed).

Hurt (he speaks mellowly) : That's a fuzzy castle <pauses a beat, cocks his head> Funny name"

Hurt stares absentmindeldly down at it, tilting his foot side to side and cocking his head. He then, for some inexplicable reason, perhaps still preoccupied by the smell, turns his head and drops down behind Stiller's back, taking another whiff.

Stiller: "Hey? What? C'mon! I told you, I just need a <distracted by foot> I mean seriously, what is that?"

Hurt: It's a hairy rosen (Obviously I don't know medical terms any better in my dream, so don't ask me why that word made sense. I guess that was my dream equivalaent of a tiny microscopic parasite that cause an infection then moves on to a different spot of the body).  It starts out as nothing, then after a couple weeks it'll look like this. <Continues tilting foot> Once all the puss is gone, it'll clear right up until the next one. I never know where I'll find it."

Stiller: "What? You get - What? I mean - Shouldn't you, I don't know, have someone look at it or something?"

Hurt: "It's a hairy rosen. They're hard to treat. It's the size of a pin prick and by the time you see the puss, it's already moved somewhere else. There's really not much they can do about it"

Stiller and Hurt sit there in silence for a moment, staring at this breathing, black, pustule on Hurt's foot, as he absentmindedly tilts it side to side and another little bubble forms.

Hurt: "Fuzzy castle <he pauses a beat> funny name."

(And then I woke up)