'I' before 'E' except when I say so.

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Cut off once more. Crazy. ;-)

Another post for Shannon's amusement. Watch me strut my feathers, baby.  Perhaps the above subject should be changed to follow the rules, but they're often a play on words and that one appealed to me. A better phrase may have been "Behold before your very eyes...".

Anyway - the challenge of yesterday's blog was to relegate the letter 'e' to the back burner. Every letter should have some empathy for what 'Q' goes through each day. Today, let's see what sort of story we can weave sans the use of yet another vowel. What should the theme be, though? Hmm.  A senseless ramble for example's sake lacks appeal. Both Sunday and Monday are noteworthy events, but unfortunately they are also verboten ('out of bounds', to use layman's terms).  My daughter's are always worth a word or two, but one of them cannot be named. Hmm. Houston, we have a problem.  Apparently today's blog focuses more on the quest for releveant content, rather than on my steadfast refusal to use a common vowel.

Perhaps a recap of the rule would help get me started. A stretch before the real workout.  Of course we have the blatantly apparent one: Select a vowel, then don't use that vowel.  Second:  You can not contract a word when the full word, spelled (spelt?) out, would have that letter. That would be a cheat. Huh. There aren't that many rules after all. Oh, we can't forget the addendum to those rules: 'Y' can be used. Shannon often argues that, but the rules preclude the use of the letter, not the sound. Hmm. Thus ends the recap, and my muse as not yet revealed herself. Dang. Perhaps my ego got ahead of me. Maybe nobody can draft a coherent sentence, let alone paragraph or speech, and not run afoul of the rules.

Unfortunately, then, the battle has been lost.  As a loyal reader, you deserve an apology.  Please, excuse me. Accept my mea culpa.  Forget the day you happened upon my feeble attempt at humour. But save your sympathy for someone else. My ego may be battered, but the future offers no shortage of second chances. Perhaps tomorrow's attempt goes better.  Hey, hang on a second! Could the theme of my post be a post about my thwarted attempt at a post? That sounds just crazy enough to work! Check and mate.

(Hmm. That can't be the last sentence. The co-manager of Sabre's newly purchased Scranton branch has the perfect comeback for double entendres, and no blog entry would be complete unless there was at least one turn of phrase worthy of such a snappy retort. How about we try out a new feature, Choose Your Own Entendre? Ok, back to the last sentence of my blog.)

To wrap up, my keen senses tell me most of you probably have the same thought:
   a.) "Well that was short and awkward."
   b.) "That shouldn't be so hard."
   c.) "Well that was tough to swallow."
   d.) "Don't be so hard on yourself. Your post holds up."

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