When I was your age...

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Just a short one for my birthday while the kids make supper.  When I was your age...

Gillian and Mara
The movie 2001 was about the future, not some theoretical alternate past. Ditto for 2010 and the ever classic Space 1999.
...On a clear day, you could pick up another channel on the TV. It had "snow".
...Your day did not exist to me.  If you told me you talked with Grandma on the webcam over the internet and that Mom called on the cell phone to say she was using the GPS to stop at Superstore to get something microwaveable for supper, but that she recorded The Simpson's in HD and we could watch it once we threw this afternoon's cardboard Mcdonald's packaging in the recycling, and oh yeah look at these pictures on the camera, I would not understand.  I would also be 5, so I'd probably say you're silly and go find my mom.

...I got a computer. It had 20k of memory and read stuff off tape. Also a three-head VCR (VHS, couldn't afford BETA), and our microwave was about a year old
...It took 10 minutes to download a single nudie pic, and you could get better quality in a magazine.
...Going online consisted of dialing up Crystal Caverns (if your phone wasn't busy) and connecting (if their phone wasn't busy), then reading messages and posting your own.  Then hanging up so someone else could get on.
...The actors in Twilight weren't born.
...Big Trouble in Little China, The Gremlins, The Goonies, and Highlander were the best movies ever made. - HEY Some things do stay the same!

...Black eyed peas were still food
...ADP was still Digital Oilfield.
...Arnold Schwarzenegger was still an actor (barely)
...We had the word Internet, but that's about it. Youtube, Myspace, Digg - Huh? Facebook was what you looked at if you got mugged.
...There was only one CSI and NCIS

...I was shocked to find I'd travelled 5 years into the future! Hah! Deal with it.