Chattin' with Saget

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In anticipation of my impending meet'n'greet with Bob Saget, I've been thinking of what to say during our brief yet awkward 20 second encounter. Top Ten Things to Say to Bob Saget 10. "Will you folllow me on Twitter?" 9. "I love you in How I Met Your Mother" 8. "Have you met........Ted?" 7. "Remember my face. Remember. My. Face." 6. "Could you move to the side? I'd like one of my wife and I." 5. "Why didn't you air any of my videos? Do you know how hard it is to get a cat into a dress?" 4. "I was nervous and FLUSHed when they rushed the PAIR of us STRAIGHT in to meet you, but it turns out we're practically THREE OF A KIND. Eh? Eh?" 3. "Everytime you laughed at a football to the groin, did you die a little inside?" 2. "Do you still drum for the Beach Boys?" 1. "I'm only here for the picture."