Day 21 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/22/2015 - 00:54
He said: Today is our last day here. We headed out to try the outdoor laser tag. I think I you had a large group of similarly aged adults or teens it would fun. With only 5 of us split into two teams, it started well but deteriorated. The guns were close to actual guns, so they had weight which was a bit much for Ryan. Also every time you were shot once, you had to go back to the base and recharge. That can get frustrating quickly. Mara and Ryan started to get upset. I am not a fan of that one-shot rule either. Never liked it in video games, either. I prefer the non stop blasting. Then we went home for lunch. After that I took the kids to mini golf while Shannon went back out to Myra Canyon to pick up a bracelet of Mara's. She then joined us at the arcade, and then it was back home for our last meal. I've had a great week. I was worried I'd go squirrely sitting around in one spot for a week, but this was possibly the best break I've had. We'll have to get a house everytime. She Said: