Day 24 - Great Falls to Lethbridge

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He Said: We're in the twilight of this trip and eager to get home, so these days are going to be less exciting. We did the pool in the morning, again, then some shopping, then lunch at Jakers Bar&Grill. It was alright. So-so salad bar.  Then a park, then a long drive to Lethbridge. Sure felt slow once we got across the border. I could get out and walk 110km/hr.  We ate at CHopStix, with tons of leftovers. We'll stay here tonight, then head home tomorrow, I think. Almost tried to make it home tonight, but that's a lot of long driving for the kids.  We were thinking Calgary, but i think we're eager to get home now.  Maybe at the end of August.
She Said: Yup - I almost thought we were going to go straight through to Edmonton.  But it's nice to relax a little and not have to stretch my arm around to the back to feed Ryan when he starts getting antsy.  The kids were going to sleep so much nicer in Disneyland because they were pooped.  After these long hours in the car they're just not tired enough.  I'm tired though.  Will be nice to be back home.  We'll have to make a trip to Calgary when we have our energy back and the people we want to visit with aren't away.