Day 5 - Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/04/2010 - 01:46


He said:Today was a full day. We had a pancake breakfast down the hill, followed by a parade.  The kids enjoyed it, and there was lots of candy given out. Don't see that much at parades anymore.  After that it was off to the fair, where Gillian went in her first haunted house, with Uncle Phil.  Then it was back here for naps, dinner, and some games. Both Gillian and Mara are getting better at throwing frisbees (or flying discs, as it were).  We had couple of those styrofoam glider planes, and those were fun.  Ryan pulled himself up for the first time, and seems to be at least using the same sound for things. He called Mara a couple times, both at the fair and at home, with "AAAaaa". And the Dog gets a common sound. He's quite taken with the dogs.  I'll put some video up later .I tried to take some action pics of the kids as the rides went. They'll be in the gallery.

She said:
To quote Brad from Day 3 "Forget Disneyland ...."  1.5 hours at Westbank Daze was a thrill for the kids and we can tell them that the 2 mascot dogs  they hugged in the parade were Pluto and Goofy.   This afternoon Shelley and I had a great view of the guests of a wedding arriving out the window where we sat in the spa getting out pedicures done.  (hm, that senence has alot of prepositions).  Anyway - it was fun trying to figure out who the groom was and critiquing the outfits.  It was quite the posh hotel that the spa was in - as evidenced by the Porsches and Lexuses (or is it Lexi) parked out front along side the powder blue Lambourghini from Alberta.  I sooooo wanted to find out who was driving it!  At one point we thought this burly 50 yeard old man was heading for it - but he got in the Lexus GX10 instead.