Day 7 - Kelowna to Penticton

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Submitted by brad on

He said:
I'm not a believer in fate, but today worked out pretty well. We started out unsure about the destination.Cultus Lake was the plan, but my quest for something new led us to settle on Lake Chelan down in Washington.  We got a bit of a late start due to laundry etc.  After about half an hour we needed to eat.  A couple aborted attempts at roadside stops later, we found ourselves in Penticton. We try to stick to a "no chains" rule when it comes to eating, so we ended up at an organic grocery and deli, figured we'd get some sandwhiches and eat by the beach.  Well one drive past LocoLanding ( and my neurons were firing I tell ya,  Then the beach was right around the corner, followed by a great park with a decent spray park attached, and we were done for the day. Had lunch at the park, some ice cream from the store, then the spray park where the kids kept dousing me, then down the street to the Resort and Casino for the executive suite with semi-separate room.  It's a very nice hotel, with it's own little beach area and paddle boats, which we might try tomorrow. Not sure. The kids like 'em ,but I have a feeling they can't paddle very hard. We had supper at Vallarta's which was decent Mexican food but incredibly slow, then back to the hotel.  The kids were wiped, right up until we entered the bedroom and found the bed turned down with giant chocolate chip cookies and apples.  Suddenly they'd been drinkin' Jolt mixed with crack for two weeks. Tomorrow is the beach and Locolanding, then I'm not sure.  There's another park at the other lake, could probalbly spend 2 days here.  It lacks a decently treed campsite, but with the temps getting up to 34 degrees, I'm not crying too hard about the hotel.

She said:
Note to the Vallarta waitress:  You'll get a bigger tip if you just at least once come by our table between ordering the food and the 45 minutes later when our food arrives to offer and apology, more nacho chips or an explanation of why it's taking so long.  There's nothing worse than being ignored - it makes the food taste bad. 
We like penticton so much we actually pictured what it would be like to live here.  Then we saw a group of about 15 local teenagers hanging out on the beach smoking pot and thought maybe 35 below and 9 months of winter isn't such a bad place to raise kids. 
Well, it's time to go see if LocoLanding is as fantastic as it looks.  Probably no princesses there (well, just our 2).