Post Trip Stats

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Submitted by brad on Sat, 07/24/2010 - 00:04

He Said: Here's the post trip wrap-up:

States/Provinces Visited: 9
Kilometres Driven: 6900 (ish)
Meltdowns: 1
Arguments In Car: 12 (By the Kids: 8)
Cheapest Gas Price: 2.69
Highest Gas Price: 3.29
Nights Camped: 3
Longest stay in a room or site: 3 nights
Shortest stay in a room or site: 2 hours
Oceans Visited: 1
Pens Collected: 11
Notepads Collected: 6
Bags of Chips Eaten: 1.5
Disney Characters Met: 12
Weight of Mara before Trip: 35lbs.
Weight of Mara after Trip: 35lbs.
McDonald's Visited: 3

- I watched about as much TV on the trip as I do in an average day at home.
- Are Americans taught to only signal on turns, not lane changes? That sounds sarcastic but it was so prevalent, I'm wondering if it's an actual cultural difference.
- AM Republican radio is awesome. I could listen to The Right all day. Everything comes back to Obama. Some guy lost a toe on a escalator in Pismo? Obama.
- Disneyland has erased the Jungle Book from it's premises.
- The teddy bear is dead. Last time I was in Disneyland, you could choose small, medium, or extra-huggy Poohs. Now they seem to deal exclusively in baby versions and fat-round-ball versions.  Not a single normal sized bear to be found.
- I always give bankrupt wealthy people a hard time.  Don't spend more because you make more.  But to a certain degree, I get it. I don't think I can do another lumpy, hot, beer-fueled-fight-next-door econolodge. I can camp, or I can do a hotel. Elevators, service, and pillows you would eat a bug for.
- I've always wanted my home to be better than my hotel. Based on this trip I'd say I have better AC, TV, darkness, balcony(deck), and privacy than all the hotels we stayed in.  Just need the bed, the pillows, and the robe.
- I'm too tired to be writing this right now.
She Said:
Here's what I learned:
My kids love Keisha - especially Ryan - especially Your Love is my Drug.  (google it)
Mara thinks that the best thing about vacation is the bathrooms in the hotel. "Mommy come look behind this door - |THE BATHROOM!!!!"
Gillian thinks that "cool down" service where they put a chocolate on your pillow is very exciting.
Both Brad and Gillian found peace at the ocean.
Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.  Even in the middle of July when it's the busiest time of year and the temperature is 37 degrees.  It's creepy happy and creepy clean.  But it also feels so safe and the crowd control is magnificent.  I still think that going when Ryan is 5 and in the middle of February is better - but it wasn't the Hell I thought it would be. (don't tell Brad).
I still want to move to Kelowna everytime I go there.  Phil and Shelley are too cool not to see more often and it's so lovely there.  Doug and Deb could move to Clearwater and Mom and Bordie could move to Mara Lake. 
I still love camping.  I thought that my body would ache on the hard ground and that I wouldn't feel safe with my kids.  But it was fantastic. 
It's fun to travel with no plan and no budget.  Probably will never happen again - but it was nice to try it once.