Day 12 - Grand Mound

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/20/2011 - 12:34
He said: We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in one long room. Two queen beds and a sofa bed.  Went alright, but the kids were up early as always.  Ate storebought breakfast in the room, and then headed out. I really don't remember the order, it was a long day.  I think I did the waterpark with Gillian, Mara, and Calvin, then Mara went to do a quest and I hung out with Gillian, then just I and the girls went...something like that.  Mara was ecstatic to have my attention. Kept asking me to watch her float, and talking about how the lifejacket kept her up.  She did amazingly well. Gillian went out to the deep 5ft end of the wave pool without issue or qualm, which made me a little sad.  Her and I spent a couple good hours playing basketball in the pool, I really enjoyed that.  We had storebought lunch in the room.  Gillian and Calvin plowed through a bunch of quests. I joined them with Ryan for a bit. 

There's a toadstool hop, basically rubber toadstools under a roper bridge that the kids can hang on to as they step across, with a sign that reads "You must be under 400 lbs to go". I want to meet the 425lb'er who walked over there thinking they'd do it, only to be disappointed and dejected.  Good for them! If they can haul themselves over there and truly believe they can balance on these wobbly things while simultaneously grabbing a rope lattice and crouch low enough to fit in the obviously child-sized height differential, more power to them! That's a person with ambition.

We ate at restaurant number two.  Half the food comes in pails, did we mention that? A tin pail of fries with a hot dog on top.  Calvin had a bucket of crab legs with potatoes and corn bits in it.  Too be fair, the restaurants seemed reasonable priced. $10-$20 for an adult entree, not exorbitant.  Calvin and I spent the afternoon dominating Terminator Salavation.  I returned later that night to finish the job, but I think the $3 I gave Calvin cost me. I was >this< close to the finish.  Calvin had a great time with those ticket games, somethign I've never understood.  Spend $40 and get a deck of cards?  No thanks. Although I did win 200 tickets on Deal or No Deal, the top jackpot they have. That was cool. 15 screens of gorgeous women looking at me saddened and disappointed, shaking their heads. It was traumatic. But I won in the end! Anyway. Calvin was mildy obsessed with those things.  Apparently Shannon went down that night while I got the kids ready for bed and cleaned up. She pwned it.  Won 1500ish tickets. It was enough to get Calvin a tiny pink guitar and a glass, items I'm sure his grandchildren will cherish...along with a 2/3rds eaten formerly world's largest gummy worm.

I also taught Ryan how to fist bump like a pro.

She said: yup. that's what happened.  Our room was at the end of a very long hallway - I got lots of excercise.  Foot is doing so much better.  Can bend the second toe a little.  No pain.  Less pain when big toe accidentally bends.  Still have a limp.  Do much better bare foot - so it was good to be in an all inclusive hotel for 2 days and not have to wear shoes.