Day 1 - Edmonton to Great Falls

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/19/2012 - 00:21
He said: Made it all the way to Great Falls the first day. Man, it is hot all over. Montana was reading 32 in the evening. We stopped in Calgary and visited the zoo for a couple hours around lunch, then stopped in Shelby for supper and hung out at the park, then Great Falls around 10. Not sure what we'll do next, guess I have to spend tonight figuring that out. Although, I swear there are at least 8 HBO channels here. Once again I don't know if I should be proud at how patient my kids are in the car for so long or disappointed in their lack of ambition. Not much in the way of witticisms tonight, but stay tuned. The trip is young. We'll see how we do with 3 kids sharing a bed, going to sleep as late as the last one and waking up as early as the first one. My first thought was: They were so good sitting in the car for so long, maybe I shoudl take 'em to a movie tomorrow. I'm not a particularly active dad. She said: Yup. That's what happened. And Ryan narrated every turn we took and every thought he had. For a while he picked up on random words uttered by Brad and turned them into a song, or just added "poopy bum" to everything. My favorite was "Poopy poopy poopy bum, poopy poopy poopy bum ....... next time won't you eat my poo." Mom - we played "zip", but Mara quit after she zipped a field of cows.