Day 14 - Everett

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 08/01/2012 - 00:32
He Said:Had a nice relaxing day today. Ate at the hotel, went to the Children's Museum here, then the park/petting zoo, back for supper, and that was about it. This hotel is very nice. Free breakfast, free laundry, and at night they have a free supper, Monday-Thursday. Free beer, free wine, salad, nachos, and then some other dish. Tonight was soft tacos. We realized today as we headed to the Children's museum that we'd been there before, but only vaguely. Must've been when Gillian was 1. Not sure why we were in Everett at a Children's musem, but there's no mistaking the rooftop dinosaur. I've said it before, and I'll say it agian, those Children's Museums are great. If you ever travel with kids, hit every single one. They could spend all day there. This one has a restaurant, vet's, bus, water area, treehouse, dinosaur dig, large play area, huge train set, etc. Finally feel like I'm settling into my vacation groove. I know it was for the greater good, but a bit regretful that I spent the first few days on the house and plan to spend the last few days. This is the end of my second week, the start of my third, I'm just settling in, and I could do two more weeks easily. Not 100% on the plan today, but I think we're heading to Verlot for a couple nights of camping. Or staying here for another sleepy day. There's an aquarium not far off, and I wouldn't mind one good meal of dungeoness crab and clam chowder. Ryan's been hard to get to sleep this trip; bit worried about going back to a tent. Other than that, it's nice to camp with the kids. Then it's Shannon's brother's for a couple days, Revelstoke for a couple more, and then I dunno. Suppose to be home 3ish days after that. Maybe we'll make it 4ish... She Said: Very nice day with the kid. Especially compared to yesterday. There was an issue with doing laudry this morning - short story is that other people suck. Someone had washed something with a bnch of pine needles in it. I was the next one to use the machine so whatever got left in the machine ended up on all of my clothes. So, I'm going to spend half of tomorrow picking pine needles out of everything. The hotel manager gave me a $25 Visa card for my inconvenience. Meh. Still a nice day.