Day 20 - West Kelowna to Revelstoke

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Submitted by shannon on
She said: Finally got all the laundry done. Everyone packed and out the door by 11-ish. Bit of a late start - but Phil and Shelley are so nice, it's hard to say goodbye. Couple of pit stops and then off down the worst highway of our entire trip. Sure miss the Interstates when you've got somewhere to go and you've seen the Okanagan valley before. Once we hit Sicamous, traffic was very busy. Lots of houseboaters heading home. Enchanted Forest was as busy as we've ever seen it - but it didn't feel crowded. Nice little walk in the woods with strange looking little creatures and fairytale icons to look at. When we were done, traffic was basically at a stand still. Took over and hour to get to Revelstoke which was only 29 km away. We never passed any accidents or major construction - it seemed to be just volume. Was quite unpleasant. There's always some a&&^(*) that thinks his hurry matters more than anyone else's and this time it was a Porsche SUV that was passing everyone illegally. We stopped for supper and decided to stay the night in Revelstoke. I just couldn't imagine staying in that congestion on the highway to Golden - and a thunderstorm had just rolled in. Took the kids to the pool and now everyone is sleeping except me. Might be home tomorrow - we'll see.