Day 3 - Great Falls to Missoula

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Submitted by brad on
He said: Today we drove from Great Falls to Missoula, to a KOA campground. I don't think I'm a KOA guy. I guess it's nice for the kids, but it's a little weird having wifi and ice cream parties. It's essentially a slightly treed parking lot in the middle of the city. I suppose it's a good introduction to camping for the kids. Gillian remembers it, but not Ryan. Just wish it wasn't so hot. We got here right when a thunderstorm was approaching, but it lasted just the length of time it took us to set up the tent. Then we went to a movie theatre to see Ice Age, for no other reason than the air conditioning. First trip to a US theatre and it was disapointing. More like a dollar theatre than anything. Anyway. I'm tired and I have nothing fun to say, so I'll leave it for the night. We'll be here tomorrow as well, then move on to the next place. Likely Couer D'Alene. She Said: I remember staying at KOAs when I was 14-ish and we drove to Disneyland. The tent spots were very close together, a few bushes, no trees and a scabby looking pool and lots of bikers. This one is so much nicer. We're in the city but you can't see evidence of it except for some condos to the back of us. There's some cute little cabins all around that are more like hard-cover tents - no plumbing or elctric. The pool is nice and clean. Still a lot of bikers - but not the scary kind. It IS quite nice for the kids. Still the fun of camping, but a movie theatre and a Target down the street (and a Loose Caboose in the parking lot for a morning latte for me).