Day 5 - Missoula to Spokane Valley

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Submitted by brad on Mon, 07/23/2012 - 23:13
She Said: It was a little chilly this morning so we got more wood and some weiners and had a little fire this morning. It was nice, but so many little accidents almost happened that it was worrisome. Mara tipping out of her lousy lawnchair towards the fire pit - almost craking her head on the corner of the metal fire pit. Ryan throwing Mara's blanket over the fire - almost going up in flames, but only melting a hole in it. I'd go on but I don't want my mom to have a fit. We survived. Camping is a lot of work but I really like it. It took us over an hour to pack up this morning. I always remember my dad when I'm camping. Especially when folding up a tent. My dad was always one for doing things right so when I fold up my tent without wiping off he bottom with a towel while I roll it up like he did I feel a little guilty. I hope he's OK with knowing that at least I know I'm doing it wrong. Ha. We drove in to Couer D'Alene while the sleep deprived kids had a morning nap. Couer D'Alene has a lovely city center park on the lake but it was just too hot to enjoy it. We decided to move on to Spokane for the night - or maybe two - and then decide where to go next. Staying downtown Spokane would have been handy for our plans tomorrow but I think stopping in a safe suburb in a hotel with a pool was a wise choice. Did I mention how happy I am for Gillian that she can swim now. She enjoys the pool soooooo much. He Said: The kids are awesome in the pool. Makes me jealous. The day was hot and miserable. I weathered it with the quiet peserverence I am known for; everyone else was miserable. I once had a guy at work describe me to someone else in front of me. "Brad here is the calmest guy you'll ever meet. Nothing phases him. Takes it all in stride". Or something like that. I don't even work with him. I'd met him twice. When you've got it, you've got it, I guess. Best part of the day - There was a free concert in the incredibly hot park. We were ready to go. We called to Ryan. Ryan was on the 3rd-ish floor of this giant fort structure they had and he was trying to get down. At one turn, dead end. At another turn, a rope ladder too complex for him. As we watched him struggling to find a way, the band began to play the theme from Mission Impossible. It dovetailed beautifully. Now whenever I here "dunh dunh dunh na na na" I'll picture him running over the suspension bridge, hitting the dead end, doing a backflip over the under-duck pole, spinning left, seeing the insurmountable rope ladder, spinning right, handstand over the the wall, down a ladder. He didn't do half of that, but that's how I'll always see it. Beats remembering trying to hover him over the broken, and full, toilet. Went to Mexican for supper. Had 4 baskets of nachos, 3 bowls of hot salsa, and 5 lemonades. Myself. Then supper came. There was a fiesta in my gut that night.