Day 8 - Tri Cities

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/26/2012 - 01:03
He Said:I found Ryan hunched down on his haunches reading a book. "Are you pooping?" "No (ungh)" "Are you pooping?" "No." And then he did an Exorcist. He kept his body perfectly still, turned his head, and said (in a low gutteral voice) "Now leave me alone". The look in his eyes gave me chills. Another scorching hot day. We decided to stay in the TriCities two more nights. Neither of us feels much like driving and there's no clear destination. The kids enjoyed the playground. I watched. The kids enjoyed the water park. I watched. Seriously, who thinks driving 3,000 km to stand in 35 degree heat and WATCH their kids do stuff is a vacation? I gotta get in the game. Next trip, Disneyland. I'm gonna ride Peter Pan 'til my butt hurts. Gillian and I rode our bikes about 3km down the river from one park to another. Nice to be able to get the bikes out and spend some time together. I hope I can keep up with her for a few more years yet. Nice area. Tons of little playgrounds, huge river, gorgeous houses. They're busy setting up for something big this weekend. Looks like supercharged rocket boats. We'll be moved on by then. If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's how to just miss things. I've almost attended a ton of cool events. On this trip alone I saw Calgary the day after Stampede, the Spokane Children's Museum two weeks before it opened, and the Tri Cities Water Rally bleacher setup. Gillian impressed me today with her dissertation on commercialism. She told me how there was a commercial for crest toothpaste and then a commercial for some other crest product that said it was better than their toothpaste! They're saying buy this, then saying buy this it's better than the other this they sell. She thought it was silly. I'm raising quiet the critical thinker...she may also end up dateless until she's 16. But at least I know my rants are sinking in. Tried the local restaurant "Cousins" tonight. We try not to do chain restaurants on vacation. Everyone was too tired and hot to eat. They provide a rack of children's books to read while waiting, which was great. The portions were a bit small and nothing to write home about. Ryan was 'reading' Dumbo. I never realized he learned he could fly by getting blotto on water the "clowns made funny" and waking up in a tree with no memory of what happened. As they try to recreate the night, they realized he must have flown up into the tree. Who knew the Hangover was a retelling of Dumbo? There really are no new ideas. She Said: This friggin' heat is killing me. I was complaining about it earlier to Brad and said "I'm trying to change my attitude about the heat in hopes that it will help me find it less hot, but it turns out that my attitude doesn't make me cooler." I can't believe he didn't bring that up. Toilet humour always gets the bigger laugh. So, hopefully we can get out of the hotel and enjoy some time outside before it becomes too hot. Maybe hike up a hill or somthing. This is quite a lovely place. We'll see what happens tomorrow.