Day 14 - Disneyland/California Adventure

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/21/2013 - 23:00
He Said: Today was our last day here. I managed to get to the Fastpass line for cars half an hour earlier, but still ended up with a later time. Shannon and the kids wnet straight to the ride, and it sitll took about 45 minutes. It is a great ride, though. The race part is a lot of fun. This morning was our shopping morning. Everywhere you eat in the park, you get a coupon at the bottom of the receipt for 20% off at certain shops until 1:00PM. Then we went back to the hotel for lunch and to book our plane seats. I thought it'd be a good idea to skip naps and stay all day at Disney, but everyone tired out around 7. Ryan, Mara and Shannon went home,and G and I stayed an extra hour. Let's see, highlights of the day: Shannon kicked butt in Toy Story, getting 266,000 or something crazy like that. Blew my 173,000 out of the water. I tried to get G to go back one more time, but she wasn't feeling it. At the end of the night, on the last day, I tried the turkey leg. It was amazing! How have I never done this before? I took it back to the hotel, and everyone loved it. It was like ham on a stick. I'm going to try to make them for the bbq I think. We also bought a giant pickle, Mara tried it, and loved it. It became a running joke for awhile. Next time we come, we need to remember the giant pickle and a turkey leg. G at the magic shop.I love that she likes it. Magic is another one of those things I never followed through on. I wish I could buy her every trick there. Well, I wish I could buy the trick, learn it in secret, wow her, then teach it to her. All in all, a good day. She Said: We managed not to spend too much on shopping. I like that I could get stuff I need anyway, but with a Mickey Mouse theme to it. I got a maxi-dress where the pattern is actually MM silhouettes but it doesn't look like it. I also got a Mickey phone case (mine was broken) Gillian and Mara got rings (yay, space savers) and brad caved and let them each get Merida bow and arrow sets. Once we took them out of the box they just fit in the suitcase. Ryan got a miniature "Cars" car set and we got a "thank-you for watching our place" gift for Lester's family. After devouring the "turkey" leg (in quotes because I would bet money that its actually ham), we managed to pack everything up. The extra duffel bag ended up being used for dirty clothes and it literally burst at the seems, hopefully it won't be an issue for the flight. My legs and feet are so sore, I just couldn't bare walking at Mara's pace for the one loooong block back to the hotel, so I loosened the straps on the stroller and buckled them both in for a brisk walk home. They thought it was hilarious and I wasn't in jolting pain with every step. I gotta get in better shape.