Day 4 - Crestline to Long Beach

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/09/2013 - 22:42
He Said:We went to the beach. Not much more to say beyond that. I love the ocean. I should've been a Californian. We made sandwiches, drove to Long Beach where there was free parking. The beach was great. Maybe 5 people on the entire stretch when we got there, and maybe 100 when we left. Lots of room. The water was warm, the kids had fun, Ryan caught a frisbee more than once. I love everything about the ocean. The sound, the constant ebb and flow, the way the sand washed out from beneath your feet. Then ice cream and home for Uno. She Said: I can hear my dad calling me a turkey - I got sun burnt. Kids had better sunscreen than Brad and I so they're just fine. Oh well. Today was the hottest day of the week, so that's why we went to the beach. I was actually lying on a beach and enjoying it, but only because the breeze and still being wet from playing in the ocean kept me cool. We certainly have a knack for finding heat waves. Had a small lunch so I thought it would be a good day for ice cream, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. I used up 30 percent of my allowed data to search for the best ice cream place in Crestline and when we got there it was under new ownership and no longer had an ice cream parlor. So we tried driving down main street to find something, there was nothing but McDonalds and the IGA. So we tried the IGA and their entire ice cream freezer looked frost bitten. I picked a single serving size that didn't have frost all over it and discovered I was right - ick. So off to McDonald's only to discover they couldn't do cones or sundaes today (which they have many choices - not just the two offered in Canada) and could only do milkshakes. So we settled for 2 strawberry milkshakes and I tried the Dolce de Leche. It was so sweet it hurt my teeth. Ugh. I guess I'm not happy unless I'm complaining about something, so at least now I have that. UNO was fun, Ryan was impressive - I didn't think he would get it, but he really did. He even remembered to say UNO on his last card without being reminded. How many 3.5 yr olds do you know who can do that?! In a game of complete chance, Brad managed to kick our butts and got 550 points in three hands. Yay Brad!