Day 15 - Omak to West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/13/2014 - 10:12
He Said:The Best Western in Omak is a PLUS, and the kids were very impressed. There were real metal utensils in the breakfast room, and the juices were in large glass containers with spigots, not a machine. Room was quite nice too. King bed and Sofa in the living room for them, small queen for us. I took the kids to the pool this time, then we hit pretty much the only two stores in town, Walmart and JC Penny. We split up this time. Had to do my Walmart BBQ shopping, score some pops and treats for the big event. Shannon took the kids to JC Penny. From the sounds of it though, I couldn't be more proud of 'em and the savings they scored. There's a moment in every parent's life, when your kids come running up to you to tell you about the money they saved. Brings a tear to my eye. Some very sloppy repacking to get on the road without leaving one of the kids behind, and it was off to Kelowna, home of "Unca Phil" and his legendary chickpea story, which I won't get into here. That's for the kids to tell. Roasting hot. Everywhere. The newspaper in Omak talked about the record heat wave across the entire region, so it's official. Every vacation we take is during a record heat wave. Global warming, or my unconscious control over the universe? Anyway. Kelowna - good food, good visit, good night. She Said:JC Penny was fun. I let the girls try on whatever they wanted, but had to say no to almost everything they wanted. Settled on a few more practical items like well made leggings and a sweater. Then, when I went to grab a second pair of leggings for Mara, I noticed the 60% off door crasher sale that was on only the exact label that the kids liked the most. Wait a second kids - go back in the dressing room and grab everything you wanted. Also signed up for the credit card to get another 20% off. Woohoo! 7 or 8 mix and match items for each of the girls for school. Spent $90 instead of $300. Got their indoor school shoes at Walmart with Brad and hit the road. Phil and Shelley are great company and great hosts. The kids are really into bossing Daisy and Jackson around. The dogs are older now and seem to tolerate the kids better now. Supper was a fabulous Baked Potato Bar.