Day 20 - Golden to Jasper to Home

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Submitted by brad on Fri, 07/18/2014 - 18:55
He Said:20 days and not one hotel had PPV. Is that a thing of the past in this Netflix/Hulu era, or was I just staying at the wrong hotels? Today was lined up for some LONG drives. First up to the Jasper Skyway through the fire zone, then another to Jasper, then yet another home. It was very smoky everywhere and it rained most of the drive. The Skyway is that large glass floor jutting out from the edge of a cliff. It was interesting, kind of cool, but most of the pictures didn't turn out too well due to the rain. All of us went out on it though. In to Jasper for a late lunch, where my kids asked "What's fudge?"; so I showed them. On the way there we were stopped by a man in the road who said there'd been an accident. According to the news, it sounds like they found a body from an earlier accident. They think an older cyclist crashed coming down a hill. Anyway. There's not much to say about today, it was a long slog through the rain. Nice to be home. She Said:Yes Brad did mean EVERYONE. I was freaked out but I'm not an irrational person. I know I wasn't in any danger so I walked around the skyway and even looked down a bit. Hard to shake the vertigo and fear feeling. Such a crazy thing. The drive up HWY 93 was a little slow. Lots of traffic and few passing opportunities. At one point the forest fire was right beside the road. It wasn't raging - just smoldering and a lot of smoke. Jasper was quite bustling. We were there to have lunch at 2. Many restaurants are closed at that hour so we settled on a bit of a hole-in-the-wall place. Home at 8:00. Unpacked. Kids played and helped. Nice to be home, but it already feels like we were never gone. Found out that Phil and the dogs got evacuated from their house. The Smith Creek fire is threatening their neighbourhood. Winds are making it hard to fight. I'm writing this on Sunday. He's still evacuated but it is getting better. No homes were lost. Whew!