Day 5 - Osoyoos

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/01/2015 - 00:21
He Said:I'm really digging M this trip. I love all my kids and I think they're all enjoying it, but M is a good age right now. When she likes something, she shows it. She was squealing at the Loco Landing bungee thing. Making mmmm delicious sounds when we had those great wings. Wow'ing at the fireworks. She's old enough to do more but still young enough to express her enjoyment. Today was Canada Day in Osoyoos. G and S golfed and we hit the beach early. It was a great morning. Cool wind, parade just up the street, Ryan made a new friend. A friend who almost threw him off a dock not knowing he can't swim well which left him in tears and me panicked, but that's OK. I love places where you can walk up to the parade as it starts and still sit on the curb. No crowds. You know those crossover episodes where Homer shows up on Family Guy? We had our own special guest stars this afternoon when P&S showed up unexpectedly. Thank-you very much for that. I still feel bad, but the kids love their bracelets. It threw a little much needed energy into the day, which helped us get out of the afternoon siesta stage and back out to mini-golf. I could stand here quoting numbers and stats to you all day but in the end, all that really matters is who took home the gold. Sure, some people got more holes in one than others. Sure, some people finished under par while others where mildly over. But only one person sunk the final putt, triggering a cacophony of triumphant horns that shook the heavens until a voucher for a free game descended from the sky. Some people strive for greatness. Some people demand greatness. Others have it thrust upon them. Others, the truly modest ones, don't see it as greatness. We just do our (exceptional) best. I put my pants on one specially-hemmed-for-extra-room-to-the-knee on the left leg at a time, just like everyone else. Seriously, though, I think that's the first time I've won anything even vaguely sports-related. I didn't even know I'd done it. And Gillian rocked some awesome hole-in-ones. Even Ryan learned to stop Happy Gilmoring it today. Kids got power, I'll give him that. After that it was supper in the hotel while we watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids for the first time, then off to the beach or the fireworks. Man that was contentment. Laying on the beach, waves lapping, cool breeze, stargazing while the kids rested sleepily, and then - fireworks. I could do that every night. I thought it had to be the ocean to make me feel that way. There's still something vast and visceral missing, but it's close. I could be a lake person. I'd like to seriously look at something in the neighbourhood. Vacation me wants to buy something nice that we could live in tomorrow. Investment me still thinks we should look for the place 3 years away from being popular, buy the dumpiest place there, and wait. Tomorrow - America. She Said:Gillian and I golfed at the Sonora Dunes course at 6:20 in a resort 1 km away from our hotel. It was beautiful. Great greens, tricky fairways, and rattlesnakes in the bushes so you didn't dare go look for your errant shots. I only lost 5 balls, but one of them was very worth it. Had I known I was going to hit it 220 yards I wouldn't have aimed there! Thanks again, Phil. My great shot high was slightly spoiled by the realization that I had missed Brad's contact lenses when I was packing up the bathroom at Phil's yesterday. Doh! The beach was so lovely. Not too busy. Nice little floating dock that designated a shallow area for kiddies. Lovely shady tree for me to sit under. And the strong breeze made the 38 degrees livable! Kids and Brad enjoyed the parade while I enjoyed a Half-sweet, hazelnut latte under the tree. Happy Canada Day! So wonderful of Phil and Shelley to drive all the way here to deliver above mentioned contacts. Shelley had completed the bracelets that my kids had commissioned and they were thrilled to get to enjoy them sooner. I have a nice family! Phil was filling me on the climate of Osoyoos because I was wondering who in the world would live there on purpose (because of the heat, otherwise a lovely place). When he let me know that you can often golf here year round, I was sold. Hope you find a place Brad!