Day 11 - Pike Place & Pacific Science Center

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/07/2015 - 22:57
He Said: G has a bad cough and seems a bit lethargic, which is too bad. Today we headed into Seattle. I was thinking we'd do the Pacific Science Center, maybe the Children's Museum, the new Ferris wheel, and so on. We did the Pacific Science Center. That place is huge! And very interactive. There are 5 buildings, most of them with more than one floor, and they are packed with interactive stations. There's a virtual sink that monitors your hands to determine if you are replication the proper hand washing technique in the video (it's cooler than it sounds). Computers that age your face. A sushi train full of different cannisters representing food, which you can put on a pad to instantly scan and feed into a meal plan game to try and build the optimal meal plan (again, it's cooler than it sounds). There were sea creatures, dinosaurs, explosions, giant noses, you name it they had it. We arrived about 11 and didn't leave until 4:30. Which was followed by a walk to Pike Place Chowder where we arrived 2 seconds after they ran out of chowder and refused us entry. We found another one in the mall, though. Overall, the kids were great. They handled the walk, didn't complain, enjoyed everything. Hopefully G feels better tomorrow, and I don't feel worse. Seattle, the US in general, sure varies wildly. Deluxe high rise on the corner, homeless people sleeping on benches next, fancy clothing store, discount cash money broker. Alternately safe and afraid for the kids. They're sure noticing the homeless people these days. She Said:/We did Pike Place Markrt before the science centre. It's a cool market but stressful. My kids aren't used to crowded places. They spread out and wander arrogantly through the crowd and I lose my mind trying to corral them. Alternating from yelling at Ryan not to run ahead and to hurry up. I need to go there sometime without them. I don't blame the kids for noticing the homeless people. They are fascinating. I always want to know their stories. Not that I would ever ask. There seems to be a lot of roof top art downtown. Elaborate wind catchers and metal sculptures. Nice idea. Tomorrow will be a slower day. Oh, I almost forgot. I golfed this morning in nearby Auburn. Didn't have any 220 yard drives, but some nice shots. My short game is more consistent than ever. I was paired up with some retired aerospace parts sales reps. Their company made titanium parts for Boeing. Nice guys. I didn't embarrass myself too much and even parred on a 3 that they each bogeyed on.