Vacation 2017 Day 16 - Kelowna to Golden

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/27/2017 - 17:33

He Said: I need to make a commitment to do these the day of.  Today we packed, hit the road, and drove to Revelstoke where we tried their coaster. Well G, M and I did.  It was alright.  It's high, you have to take a gondola to it, and it's kind of fast. I wouldn't go out of my way to try it.  Then we plowed on to Golden where we ate at Legendz while watching the largest infestation of spiders ever, slowly coat the entire building in an inescapable web.  They'll probably try to cover it up and blame it on a forest fire or something.

She Said: We hung out after breakfast for a few hours. Delayed the trip as long as we could. Ryan was not interested in going down the slide. Which was good for me because he would have had to ride with me and that meant I would have had to go up the gondola. Whew! So Ryan and I hung out in the gift shop - more things for me to say "no" to and then we played the oversized Jenga game. I was looking forward to having pie at the 50s style diner, but our waitress was too slow and it killed the mood. Dairy Queen was the dessert of the evening. One last hotel pool swim and off to bed. Gillian is getting so grown up. Still has some kid stuff going on, but very much a teenager also. She's awesome! Ryan has so much confidence in the pool - I must sign him up for more lessons though. Mara still works on her routine that she invented at the KOA 2 years ago.