Day 01 - Edmonton to Golden

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Submitted by brad on
He said: Not much to say today. We decided at the last minute to head out tonight. We left at 8PM with intentions of Airdrie, but by midnight we were still driving for Golden. We passed Calgary during the fireworks, which, to me, actually looked cooler from a distance than they do up close. At one point there was a ridiculous rainstorm. A genuine deluge. Couldn't see a thing. It passed quickly, though. We rolled into Golden around 1:45 to the only room left in town. I'm not saying this motel has bedbugs, but if it doesn't it's only because they have some self-respect too. I fired up Pokémon Go and it said "Uh-uh. Not here. No way, no how." (See, I can still be topical. YOLO kids.). Still - it's a room. She said: Finally a moment with the computer. I'm writing this on Day 7. Other than the not being able to see wild life, and when a rain storm hits, visibility is dangerously poor, I like driving at night. Or should I say, being the passenger at night. The kids are good, or sleeping, and you're not wasting vacation time being stuck in a car. It would be better to have booked a nicer place to sleep, I guess, but it was cheap and we were only there for 7 hours.