Day 02 - Golden to West Kelowna

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He said:There was a ton of rain hitting the tar paper roof of our shanty last night and therefore not a lot of sleeping. We went down to the breakfast closet and once the two people in there turned sideways and inhaled, wedged ourselves in. There were some Lilliputian mush muffins (plus side - they made my hands look HUGE), cereal, and bananas. After Macgyvering a reverse vacuum to pop us out of the breakfast closet into the rain, we ate back at the room then hit the road. I was more than eager, if only to get that damn Mika song out of my head "We are Golden, We are Golden". I've been singing it since Airdrie. 5 hours of extra driving paid off an we were cruising down the highway, on track for - oops! Shannon forgot her pillow. Normally we'd leave it, but it's the one her mom gave to her on her wedding day, that her mom had given to her, that her mom had given to her, that her mom stole from the Baroness' bedroom while being rogered by the Baron (you don't want to hear how she got it out of the old country). All in all, a good day. I was in a great mood that morning, lying to the kids like nobody's business. "Dad, is that My Everest?" No, not even close. See that mountain there? Look lower, all the way down, see that one just over the roof of the hotel? THAT's Mt Everest. Hm - I'm forgetting the rest - something about how microwaves work differently at that altitude, or maybe it was batteries. Eh Either way, it was gold(en). If I remember I'll come back and edit this. You'll never know. Ryan still goes "Seriously?" or "Oh!". Mara occasionally still says "Is that true?", but Gillian gets it. She's old enough to get that her Dad's an idiot, but still young enough to snicker appreciatively rather than roll her eyes in teenage disgust. ANYWAY - Revelstoke, Log Barn goats-in-the-sky feeding, yadda yadda yadda, we hit Kelowna mid afternoon, to the delightful sights of Phil, Shelley, and Daisy! Wait - maybe I should write that Shelly, Daisy, and Phil! We...I forget. Ate cherries, ate supper (super awesome mega spaghetti), and that was that. All the wonders these kids have seen - Great Wolf Lodge, Disneyland, umm...other stuff. All those wonders and the kids still won't stop going on about Phil's slip and slide. Can we use it? It's raining. Can we use it? It's 12 degrees out there. Can we use it? It's midnight. Can we... She said:When are they going to finish making that highway 4 lanes?! And what's wrong with guard rails? I was happily doing a crossword puzzle during the more treacherous parts of the trip, but my kids felt the need to point out where I could look out my window and see nothing between me and a plunge to my death except 18 inches of pavement. Thanks kids. So nice to arrive at Phil! and Shelley's. Always such great hosts, great food and I think they kinda like us. I, for one, am glad that the weather is a little "crappy". I don't exactly know what climate zone I'm most suited for, but 30 degrees by 8 am is NOT my ideal. As long as we can still golf, I'm happy.