Day 12 - Richmond to West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/27/2016 - 00:36
He Said: A long drive back to Kelowna today, with the family and Phil! That car could not be any more packed. It is jammed to the gills. You can't see daylight through the back window. Ryan entertained us with some mad libs. When we finally got back in I closed my eyes for a minute, which turned into 3-4 hours. I'm tired. I'll add more later. (I know, these are losing some oomph - I'll write 'em when I'm awake). Ok, it's later. What else....not much. Went to Bamboo Chopsticks but it was packed, so we had pizza and came here. Shan & Shell hung out upstairs, we downstairs. Cracked open one of the Pliny. I, again, have no palette and IPAs aren't my favorite, but I'm told it's good. She Said: The Hiliday Inn was new but I had some issues. The breakfast was poor, the bathroom didn't have a fan, the parking lot reeked of garbage. Best Western was better. Mara has become a bottomless pit. Must be growing. So glad we spent $200 on clothes for her that she will out grow before September. Nice visit with Shelley. She loved the Pliny.