Day 13 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/27/2016 - 00:37
He Said:Our first full day back in Kelowna. We hit the beach, went for lunch at Bamboo Chopsticks, got groceries for the week, watched Ghostbusters, and played games. All in all a full day. I know it's not true but mentally I feel I'm not fat as long as I don't have 'the fold'. I don't know if it happens gradually or instantly, but there must be a point where gravity wins over the protruding belly and , there's 'the fold'. I'm plenty overweight but without that I don't feel it. Ryan was great at water-based floating imitation-brand Frisbee today. Actually able to catch it pretty consistently. Whether I want to admit or not he's growing up. The joked he liked (of mine - I know my audience) was "The Flash must be really camera shy. Even at G's recital, which I'm sure he'd never go to, there were signs that read 'No Flash Photography'". I'm silly 24-7, but he likes to let me know when he gets it and point out the good ones. There was a lady in the chip aisle at Superstore. Mobile, pushing her cart, 70ish if I had to guess, and on the phone. "You know what he did? He came right up to me and pinched my nose" "My nose. He pinched it right shut. So of course I opened my mouth to breathe and he said 'Aha! See, you do want to live'" "Yeah, I thought it was a little strange too". I didn't want to leave the chip aisle! What's the story? Was she sick and not wanting to live, and this brave doctor brought her back to life through innovative methods? Was she arguing with her ungrateful son that she should just kill herself and he grabbed her nose? Was she accosted in the street? I'll never know. Anyway. Great time with kids, enjoying the moments, dreading going back, yadda yadda. The kids all picked and purchased an item for a meal they'll make while we're here. She Said: Don't tell anyone but I kinda liked the heat. I chose to sit in the sun at the beach. I'm not complaining about it. Hmm. I took Ryan out in the dingy. He got a little scared about falling in. I needed to remind him that he knows how to swim. Well sorta. Enough to save his life. Maybe. He believed me, but I thought it best not to test it by throwing him overboard. At Superstore Ryan decided he will make hamburgers, Mara will do perogies, and Gillian will do hot dogs. Brad picked steak. I picked nothing because I just know I won't need to. West Kelowna is lovely but it's such a pain getting into Kelowna with only one way in. Big city traffic jams in a small town. Weird.