Day 18 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 08/03/2016 - 23:24
He Said:Definitely not as motivated to do this blog this time around. Enjoying the trip too much and not spending any time on the computer. Today we went out to a beach in Peachland, where some friends from Edmonton were going. It was great to meet them and hang out for the day, but definitely not our favorite beach. Nothing but rock. It hurt my delicate, baby-soft feet something fierce. Spent the day there then tried to go in to Kelowna for Sushi but it was closed. Almost everything was closed for BC Day. We ended up going to a place called Sammy J's in West Kelowna. Good food, but holy cow were the waitresses dressed inappropriately. Skirt hem two inches above the table and totally see through. Seems to be a place with a lot of regulars, too. What look like well off, leather-skinned, open collared, sunglassed old guys who come there every night and charm the staff with "Hey gorgeous", and "How's it goin' sexy?". I dunno. I don't feel I can comment one way or the other without being accused of something. I don't want to shame anyone, I don't want to judge. I assume they don't want to dress that way, that it's a sleazy company, but who knows. Maybe they think they look incredible. Maybe they do it for the tips. I didn't care for it. Also, Shelly and Phil! came back tonight. Great to see them again. The kids were SOOO hyper. They love them. Looked at some land in Peachland. Two acre lot on a steep drop. It reminded me a bit of our California property. Amazing view, though. I don't think we could ever build on it, but I'm tempted to get it and hold on to it for someone who could. Still believe in land as an investment and this one was a beaut. She Said: Gillian and I went to the driving range in the morning. I had been practicing what Phil taught me all week, but wasn't really getting it. This morning, at about 2/3 the way into a bucket of balls something clicked. I had to get Gillian to confirm for me that the ball was truly still in the air at the 200 yd marker!!! What a great feeling. The rest of the bucket went the same. Consistently over 200 yards in the air and straight. No slice. Awesome! Peachland was nice, but we were out at the time of day I'm usually inside. We sun-screened ourselves with the usual spray-on stuff, but obviously not well enough. Ryan had hand streaks of sun burn across his back, Gillian's entire back was pink and my shoulder and neck were burnt. Mara and Brad must have done something right. It was nice to spend time with another family. Gillian and their eldest, Erin are in the same dance class. They have another girl Mara's age, but they don't seem to click. They are each so independent that they just don't need each other. At 4:00, after dinghy rides, some lazing on the floating dock and visiting, we got ice cream. The shop owner went on and on about how Island Farms ice cream is sooooooo much better than Chapman's and then made Gillian the worst milkshake in history. She put plenty of ice cream in it, but managed to pulverize it into the consistency of skim milk. For $8. My ice cream cone was good, but, although I love ice cream, I don't have a picky palate. We tried to be scarce for when Phil! and Shelley arrived, but they got home just when the kids were crawling into bed. I guess it was nice to offer a fan-fare to our hosts. Who doesn't love a fan-fare?!