Day 17 - West Kelowna

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He Said: Today was another lazy day. Hung out in the morning with the slip n' slide then went for lunch at Buy the Sea which was excellent. Awesome meal. Farmer's market, Book store (G got a ton of Lemony Snickets), then games at the house until supper time. M's turn for supper tonight, so we had perogies and wieners. We capped off the night with horseback riding. The temperature was perfect. Ryan was a trooper, even though he was a bit nervous. He said it was fun, but it definitely wasn't his favorite thing. Great views, great evening. R: This is a joke, ok? This is a joke. The first letter of the alphabet is A, and my horse's name is Angel, so he must be the first horse they ever got. <>b>She Said: How is that a lazy day? While kids were playing games at home I went to check out Shannon Lake. I can't believe we've been coming here for so many years and we've never checked out the lake just down the road. It's just one of those man-made lakes by the golf course, but it's lovely. There's fishing there but no swimming. Also had a nice chat with my mom (glad she didn't break a hip when she fell 2 weeks ago). Found out that the local convenience store has a slurpee maching but not the greatest slurpees. For anyone besides family who may be reading this, I'm not trying to be boring - just documenting some stuff that might be worth remembering the next time we are here. Horse back riding is NOT my favourite activity either. Trail riding is frustrating. The horses are not thrilled to be there and Ryan's horse was deliberately riding close to the bushes and scratching him up. We broke into a trot for 10 feet, but it was too much for Ryan's first time out so we stopped. I wanted to pretend my horse was out of control and break free from the crowd to get in a good run, but nope. The girls really enjoyed it and the views were amazing. When my friends and I used to go camping near Ram River Falls we would go horse-back riding. They let us roam free without a guide and we could run etc. My dad mentioned that there were probably bears to be cautious of. To which I replied that being on a horse I could out run a bear. My dad quickly pointed out that the horse could run a lot faster without me on his back. Gulp - good point Dad!