Day 20 - West Kelowna to Calgary

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He Said:Today was a long drive. We packed up, hit the road, plowed through to Revelstoke. Made a spur of the moment stop at the Enchanted Forest, which turned out to be great. It has a fresh coat of paint, and the kids loved it. Gillian seemed a bit more of the "it's so cool because it's so weird", that whole liking it ironically, but she still liked it. Next year I'm guessing she won't. Then we stopped in town at Chubby Funsters. The kids had cracked up at that name on the drive here and the menu showed Pho. Overall - great menu, not so great place. Menu sounded great, but they were out of Pho. And the portions were small. And the food was good, but not great. And the single bathroom was horrible. Dirty, disgusting stains on the toilet, no hot water. All look, no substance. We then plowed all the way to Staybridge Suites in Calgary. The kids are over the moon about this place, and it is pretty nice. Two bedrooms, and they have their own bathroom in the bedroom. We just made the free supper by 10 minutes. Free breakfast, waterslide, blow dryers, board games, free hot chocolate. Every time they turn a corner they're wowed. I was running around a bit like a chicken with my head chopped off trying to get checked in and to get the business centre working, in order to print out the tickets for tonight's Hip concert (for some reason the tickets weren't electronic like the others). I eventually had to ask some guy who didn't understand English to please get the heck off the computer he was using for 5 minutes. But it all worked out in the end. Ryan loves the waterslide and I think he'd be fine if he just relaxed, but at 4' deep it's just a touch deep for him, so I've had the joy of standing at the bottom getting splashed in the face so that I can blindly reach out and grab him and bring him to shore. Took a pretty hard kick to the neck once. I think I'll feel that tomorrow. Dads. Here for a couple nights, hopefully see some friends, then home. She Said: So when we were speeding through the national park in a vehicle with no current registration sticker (it was paid, we just forgot to put the sicker on), I told Brad that when he gets pulled over he should tell them that we are trying to make it on time to the Tragically Hip concert. It just might work, plus it had the benefit of being true. My friend Sonya joined me at the concert tonight. It was great. The decibel level of the Calgary crowd matched that of the Vancouver crowd. They just didn't manage to sustain it for the full 2 hours like the Vancouver crowd did. Amazing seats and great music! Sonya enjoyed a visit at the Rose & Crown afterwards. Quite a few other concert goers there again, and just like when Phil! and I were out in Vancouver, the music being played was The Hip. So grateful to my husband to go through all the trouble and expense to make this happen for me. Thank you so much, Brad!.