Day 21 - Calgary

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She Said: The only time I'm actually entering the blog first is the day before we are home. Ha. This morning after our free breakfast we headed out to the World of Science. We get free admission by showing our Edmonton membership card. I only brought mine and not each family member's and mine had 2015 as the expiry date on it so I wasn't sure would work out. But I was able to show the ticket guy the email from Edmonton World of Science that was reminding us that it's time to renew our membership by the end of August and he let us in. Very good customer service decision on his part. I was sure to tweet a thank-you. We had a great time there. Checked out the outdoor and indoor playgrounds before lunch and then did the science exhibits afterwards. It was an all day adventure. We really like science centres on holidays, but the small and cheap ones have the same problems as the large fancy ones. Things get warn out and don't work properly and it seems that the staff aren't on top of it. Preferably everything would just work, but if it isn't working please put a sign up saying so. You could spend 10 minutes on an interactive science thingy feeling like you're too stupid to pull the levers in time, or too weak to squeeze the handle hard enough (or whatever the user interface may be) only to realize that the item is warn out or missing a part. It diminishes the experience for me. A lot. We tried to go to a sushi place on Kensington road (our old stomping grounds) and ran into Sonya and Maria having lunch at Peppinos. The best little Italian sandwich place in Calgary. Seeing them sure brought up some good memories. I enjoyed my single life in Calgary, and they were a big part of why. So proud to introduce my lovely children to my friends. Supper was pizza at Brad's friend's house and then I took the kids to the pool to let them burn off a little energy before bed. He Said: I don't have much to add about today. I still like their World of Science, Spark, whatever it's called. We did eventually find a sushi place, we just had to go downtown. It was alright. I definitely liked the ordering. iPads at every table, pick what you want, hit submit. Constant stream of food coming.