Day 07 - Great Wolf Lodge

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Submitted by brad on
He Said: The quest has kept us busy. G is off on her own, R teamed up with S, and M and I are at it. It is a LOT of running up and down the stairs, fighting dragons and such. Waterpark was cool but short lived. My kids were dropping like flies; it was horrible. Every 30 seconds "mom, I'm bleeding!". Any longer and Mara would've been a mummy. All in all a good but uneventful day. If I think of anything I'll add it later. We did kind of steal from a games machine, which isn't my finest moment. The strong man game just kept spitting out tickets and I kept pulling. I went and told them I thought it was broken, that it kept spooling, and they weren't concerned, so...not a lot. Maybe a few hundred tickets. Enough for each kid to get a plastic comb. Dinner here, love my wife, everything is awesome, yadda yadda. Tired. She Said:The bottom of the wave pool is like coarse sand paper. I guess they don't want people slipping. The "bleeding" was from scraping the tops of their feet along the pool-bottom. Not too bad. Managing to not spend $50+ per meal by stocking up on breakfast and lunch groceries. Makes us feel better for the $75 supper. Awwww. I love you too, Husband!