Day 06 - Nanaimo to Great Wolf Lodge

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He Said: Early morning rise, out to the ferry, and next stop Great Wolf Lodge! I enjoyed the ferry. We're doing a lot more splitting up this trip which is good, but also tough. I'm trying to recognise G has grown and trust that she can go off on her own (and I know she wants to, to show her independence), but it's tough. I worry about them, her. Plus the time with them on vacation is what I live for, and it's hard not to force it. On the flip side, though, it leads to better times together. At least right now. I had a great time sitting, just G and I, and talking. It was also great to hear all of them describe everything they did yesterday while I was away. The beach they went to, the little crabs they found, the shells they collected, etc. When we finally reached Great Wolf Lodge, their dials were at 11. I was worried G would be too old and cool for it, but so far so good. We stalled them for a bit while we brought in the luggage and unpacked, but then we had to turn them loose. G went off on her own quest. Shan and R on theirs, and M and I on ours. Again - split up, but it was nice to spend some one on one time with M. She definitely exhibits middle child tendencies, and she was beaming at it being just her and I. I want to be upset and cynical about the cost, the commercialism, the condition of the equipment, but I can't. It's cool. The quests are fun and great exercise. It's like Pokémon Go without the screen. They're running up and down four floors of the hotel, seeking out pictures, treasure chests and clues. Running back to the tree to get the next quest, trying all the ones that talk back and play a loop of one-liners. It's great. I'm worn out. The bedtime story animatronic story had R enthralled. We managed to stall the waterpark until tomorrow, but it's coming. I'm NOT looking forward to that one. I can't keep up with three and the thought of trusting G on her own terrifies me. I really don't want to do waterslides, but I really want to do waterslides with them. She Said:I went for a run around the lake near Brad's friend's house this morning. It was beautiful. I misread the trail signs and ended up running 8 km instead of 5. Had to be home by 6:20 to ensure we made the 7:30 ferry. Had to really boot it to make it. Feels good to know I did that. I haven't run over 5 K in a row like that. Anyhoo - it was a beautiful lake, they are lucky to live there. Yes, the scavenger hunt is pretty cool and lots of exercise for the kids. They are very focused on what they are doing and excited to get to the next level. I am trying to just enjoy it and not be so worried about all the other money traps in this place. Very nice room with a separate bedroom for Brad and I. It's good to have chances to be separated from the ones you love once in a while. Keeps everyone from getting murdered. Ha.