Day 10 - Little Diamond to Federal Way

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/07/2015 - 22:50
He Said:Today was a driving day. We packed up and hit the road early, but tried to break it up a bit more. First stop was the Barnes & Noble in Spokane, a tradition. I could buy every Mensa-selected game-of-the-year they sell there. Then we stopped at The Ritz Roadhouse in Ritzville for some home cooked food. Eh. Then another short park pitstop in Ellensburg, and finally rolled into Federal Way Best Western about 5. We got a room key and headed up to find another family in the room. That was fun. She was not happy. Not happy with the hotel, anyway. We were cool. After we got that sorted out it was off to the pool for the rest of the family while I hit the exercise room for the first time this trip. The non air conditioned, 100degree, broom closet of a gym with a short stride elliptical, but a gym nonetheless. For supper I took a couple of the kids to Target and let them pick out snack packs. I dunno why I spend any money on those kids at nice restaurants. It's all wasted. The hotel has two bedrooms and a sofa bed, so we let them eat in their own rooms and watch their own TVs. That's about it. She Said:I went for a run this morning, hoping to get a glimpse of Little Diamond Lake. Thought one of us should have a look at it at least. It's only 2 km away from our site. I went down the Boy Scout camp road. Camp was not occupied at the time, and I got a little spooked so I didn't try to get closer to the lake. I think it was down a cliff anyway. Shoulda turned left instead of right. Oh well. I tried. Brad did the best job so far of packing. Hardly anything poking out under anyone's feet. No heavy, potential murderous projectiles on empty seats. Comfortable drive to Seattle. Brad got his favourite moments driving in the HOV lanes, close to Seattle. Well, most of the trip was on the interstate. He loves interstate highways. I got stir crazy, or sick of the kids or something by the time we arrived at our hotel. I thought taking them to the indoor pool would be good while brad worked out. They could let off steam and I could relax online. I was wrong. It was so loud, even though there was only 1 other family there. The kids were in weird moods and not so nice to each other. My phone wasn't picking up Wifi. Blah. TV time was nice. Ha.