Day 9 - Little Diamond KOA

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/07/2015 - 22:43
He Said:I'm writing this a couple days late, surprisingly enough, so excuse the lack of wit. Time flies. The weather was good today, practically cool. We did the usual pool, ping pong and other pool, lunch, quick run in to the grocery store then back for supper and another round of pool, ping pong and other pool. It was fricken cold in the evening, but I persevered. I even tried out my new prescription goggles AND put my head under water. Mom woulda been so proud. Think that's about it. Oh, I battled another wasp hive (if wasps are yellow and black without being fuzzy, two inches long, with some sort of weird extra leg). And tomorrow we leave. All in all it's been a good little cabin. I could stay all week. She Said:I went for a swim during the morning adult swim time. Only 12 minutes. Swimming is hard. Trying to get better. Kids got tired of the pool quickly today. Mara had mastered her routine that she worked on the previous days. Ryan started jumping in from the edge without wanting me to catch him and Gillian's friend wasn't there. It was a little cooler today. Probably only high 20s. It was noticeable. It was weird going to Safeway for groceries. All Safeways everywhere are exactly the same, so it was like we teleported home. I knew where everything would be and our club card for discounts even worked. For supper to eat all the rest of the food since we won't have a full kitchen at the next place. Have had hotdogs, sandwiches and sloppy joes this week. Tried to throw in some fruit and veggies as well. Im glad my kids like salads. The pool is about, let's say 3 or 4 blocks away up a hill so each time we go it's a nice walk or bike ride. I tend to ride my new bike because I like having a new bike. Plus I was running back to switch laundry loads, or grab something we forgot almost every time. I'm hoping that in 20 years when the kids look back on these blogs the details that are probably boring to everyone else, will help them remember. Sorry, everyone else.