Day 18 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/15/2015 - 00:31
He Said:Today was another great day. We hit Myra Canyon Adventure Park, one of those "ropes in the trees" places. It was nice. G and I did the full course while the other two did the smaller one. It's a bit....basic, but everyone there is very friendly and accommodating, which makes up for a lot. I missed most of it as I was too busy hanging on for dear life in the top of a tree, but I'm sure Shannon can fill in the details. Then it was off for a slurpee (I can't believe we missed free slurpee day!) and home for supper made by Mara this time. Then it was some more games and off to bed. Ryan was a true champ, his burn looks blistered and horrible but he didn't complain about it at all today. Says it's just fine and dandy. The bees/wasps/whatever are following us. Much like the KOA cabin, there was a huge honeycomb structure in the eaves right outside the door of the house. Once again I was forced to take action against them. The nightmares will haunt me forever, but at least the settlement from the lawsuit against the homeowners will be some comfort. There was no warning whatsoever. No "Caution - Wasps' Nest", no "Warning - Whacking Wasps shirtless may result in injury". Plus there was the guy coming to the door waving his cucumber around, the people who said they were here to claim the plants in the back, the roaming gypsy window washer, that homeless looking guy who took Phil's jeep for 'detailing' two days ago. It's just weird. Oh, and my phone is officially a brick. That's a shame. I'll check with the apple store when I get back but in the interim, I am incommunicado. She Said:Myra Canyon is just South East of East Kelowna. Acreage country. Lovely little drive. Mara and Ryan had fun on the kids course and also climbed a rope to blow a horn and win a free popsicle. Nothing like sugary treats to motivate a kid to get some exercise. I had a chance to wander over to the full course and watch Gillian and Brad. Gillian loved it and eagerly bounded from one level to the next. Brad got a little woozy after one particularly wobbly section and had to take a break. I'm convinced it had more to do with the fact he was wearing long dark pants and a black shirt. The wasps were annoying, but nobody got stung. I sat in Shelley's lovely garden for the rest of the afternoon while the kids played board games and practiced their card tricks and coding. Bummer about Brad's phone. The camera on his phone is better than our actual camera so we've been using it a lot. We've lost some pictures, but at least we posted some good ones to Facebook before it got immersed. Definitely have a cold but a good strong coffee this morning helped overcome the sleepiness for most of the rest of the day. That's the nice thing about not being addicted to coffee. When you need one once in a while, it works.