Day 19 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/22/2015 - 00:42
He Said: I am woefully delinquent on doing this, but frankly I lost interest. I was 'in the moment' and I didn't need to record it...and now I've forgotten. Today was Ryan's meal for lunch, Kraft Dinner and wieners. I'm trying to recall what we did in the morning, but I can't. We did H20 again, the local waterpark/pool. This time the wave machine was running. I don't know why I'm so anti waterslides, but I am. They looked innocuous enough, but I just had no interest in trying them. Hopefully that's not a phobia I'm developing. I'd hate to scream and wet m pants everytime I passed a slide. That was in the afternoon though, and I'm trying to recall how the morning went. I think we hung around Phil's in the morning. Maybe Shannon had a run? I know there was a reason we were still there around lunch, so we stayed until Ryan had made his before we left...anyway. We did lunch, H20, ordered wings for supper, and that's all I remember. We haven't been letting the kids do TV, so I think we spent the evening on games. I can't recall, though. She said: