Day 3 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Mon, 06/29/2015 - 09:20
He Said:Woke up to rain this morning, which was a nice surprise. Ended up spending the bulk of the day at H20, basically Kelowna's version of the Y. No pictures from it, but the kids enjoyed it. Has a shallow kids pool with some slides, which then feeds into a river run. One of those fast flowing loops with a couple inserts. One was a whirlpool we referred to as the toilet. We split up, with Shannon and G going one way, Ryan, Mara and I the other. The River Run was a lot of fun, fighting the current to get in and out of the whirlpool and just generally circling around with the kids. The waterslides opened in the afternoon just as we were about to leave, so we stayed long enough for the kids to get their fill of that, then had a late lunch at Hector's Casa. A good late lunch, great Mexican food. Back to P&S', out for sushi, and that about does it for the day. I'm probably missing something else but we have no photos and I'm writing this a couple days late. She Said: Phil, Gillian and I went to the driving range. Phil gave me some pointers on my swing. Added 50 yards to my drive. Holy crap he's a good coach. Now I just need more practise. Did I mention the coconut basil gimlets? Sooooo nummy. Drinking makes me sleepy though. Well, drinking and being 47. Instead of don't drink and drive, it should be Don't Drink and Age!