Day 4 - West Kelowna to Osoyoos

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/01/2015 - 00:04
He Said: Today was a long day. I'm paranoid enough driving around with the bikes on the back never mind the bag on the roof, so I managed to pack everything inside the van and then it was off - ack! I was just attacked. Something on my pillow caught my eye and turned to see a bug headed straight for me. A bit like an ant, a bit like a beetle, but all menace. 3 inches long if it was an inch. I ain't sleepin' now. Blech. Ok, where was I - then it was off to Osoyoos. We stopped halfway at Loco Landing in Penticton, which the kids loved. I love seeing things through their eyes sometimes. We ate at a nice restaurant on the water at the casino resort, followed by a short drive and ice cream at Tickleberry's (the rest of the family, not me). Thanks to the side trips we rolled up to the desk almost right at 4. That's the kind of vacationing I love. Drive along until you don't feel like it, stop, find something to do, then move on. The Best Western Sunrise Inn is nice enough and we're only here for two days. There's an amusement park much like Loco Landing, Canyon Creek or something like that, that is literally in the same parking lot. I didn't know that. We're only here two nights, but I think we might end up going there. Can't see how we'd avoid it. We had a great supper at the Osoyoos Pizza Factory. Two outta three of my kids loved the chicken wings and probably not the two you think. I'm a proud poppa here. Can't wait to take 'em out for wings and a beer. Then it was a quick stop at the lake, supposedly BC's warmest and home to bed. I feel like this update is mostly recap, not much entertainment, so...hmm. nope, still nothing. There's 2 minutes of your life you won't get back. Oh, you can buy Lotto right in the grocery store on the little machine you put your credit card in to pay. Just press a button and boom, automatically added to your bill. Don't see that in Alberta. She Said: Loco landing was alright if you like things that aren't golf courses! It's all I can think about. When will I get a chance to hit the ball again! Those of you who are golfers know what I'm talking about. Did we mention the heat wave? Ugh. I'm glad we were travelling during the heat of the afternoon. Ryan was particularly mischievous at supper and somehow we all ended up cranky afterwards. I forced a walk to the lake on everyone. It was a miserable 15 minute walk but once there the cloud lifted. Throwing rocks in a body of water is mood-altering. Amazing.