Day 10 - Lake Chelan to Mount Rainier

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/11/2010 - 01:31

He Said:

 We decided today to head to Mt. Ranier.  After little luck getting the network going, even from the hotel's computers (They were experiencing technical difficulties), Shannon called.  We were told there were lots of first come first serve, so off we went. We arrived there around supper time again, to a campground called Ohanapecosh.  It was gorgeous.  Tall trees, hundreds of years old, raging rapids, snow capped mountain in the distance.  The sites felt isolated, but not overly. There were some kids in the next one up that Gillian and Mara tried to bond with. I don't think their parents were as interested.  After setting up camp it was off to town for supplies.  We ate at Cruisers in Packwood, where we had quite possibly the best pizza ever.  They had gizzards on the menu. I was tempted, but I wasn't entirely ceratin what that entailed and I didn't want to offend anyone by not finishing them. Back to camp where I think Shannon made a fire, then off to bed. Beautiful site. It was high enough to cool off in the evenings. I found it a bit damp.  The rapids drowned out the sound of any other campers, though.

She said: 

So, I tolerated Brad trying to go online to find information for a little while - but eventually I had to call the 1-800-reserve number.  I thought I'd have what I needed in 2 minutes and be able to say "See what you can get when you talk to a real person!"  You know - all sarcastic and smart.  After being hung up on once and being on hold again for 10 minutes the real person knew absolutely nothing.  I said "Can you tell me about the campsites at Mt. Ranier" she said "which state is that in....... how do you spell that".  Darn - she knew nothing.  All she could do was look up a campground that I had to know exactly how to spell (with out looking up at what Brad wrote - can you tell me how to spell the campsite we stayed at?) and then she could have booked it for me.  After struggling through that with her I was able to finally get a phone number for someone who was actually in Mt. Ranier.  So much for "smarter than though".  If the internet had actually been working I'm quite sure that Brad's method would have been way faster.  Anyway - the campground was gorgeous and park rangers are so cool.  That uniform and wide brimmed hat are awesome.  Seriously - they just look so smart and helpful and you just know that they'll have the answer you want or they'll be able to go out of their way to get it for you.  Which they did.  I did the equivalent of "Tell, me all your 50 flavours........OK I'll take vanilla".  Thanks Ranger Leo!!