Day 9 - Lake Chelan

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/11/2010 - 01:23

He Said:This was SO four days and zero showers ago. Let's see.  In the morning we played at the cabana and local beach a bit, then headed for the Walmrt Supercenter to restock.  Everything here is so cheap, especially with the exchange rate being as good as it is.  I need a powered freezer and a trailer. I'm still impressed at the variety.  Mini Wheats not small enough? Get Mini Wheats Little Bites! We picked up some deli type food, ate at the hotel, and the kids had a nap. Shannon and I passed the time nicely. A bit of vegging on retro TV (anyone remember 'Emergency!'), then we shut that off. Shannon learned to make knots, I read about immortal cells, and all was well with the worldl.  Then we had supper, I took the girls to the playground, and that was about it. I'm sure there was a bit more in between, but it's a bit hazy now...oh, the pool! we went to the pool after naps.The girls jumped off the edge for Shannon, we took the raft in (although I don't see any of the pictures of that now that I think of it), and then we tried the hot tub. We may have done the hot tub in the morning as well.She Said:Hm, I forgot to do this one.  So now I'm already in Newport and I forget what happened.  Oh ya - Wal-MartThis is where Brad and I are so different. Wal-Mart makes me sad in Canada - but American Wal-Mart Supercentres are awful places.  Sure the prices are good and the choices are numerous - but all those things that make Brad happy about it are things that I'd rather not know even existed.  Like Mini-Mini Wheats and potato chip flavours that they just don't sell in Canada.  It's interesting that they make a chemical the mimics the flavour of BBQ Ranch Spicy Chicken, however.  OK back to the pool - we bought a floaty thing for Ryan and tried it out.  He liked it.  The girls did also.  They were amazed that they could kick and move where they wanted to.  Definitely getting them signed up for more swimming lessons.  Gillian should be fearlessly jumping off the edge by now.  Oh well-  next year.