Day 15 - Newport to ???

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/14/2010 - 16:43


He Said: The day started out with us packing and planning our trip up the coast to Astoria, then Shannon dropped an unexpected but pleasant surprise on me. Boy do we have news for you guys.  Anyway. We drove all night, ended up at some Motel 6 about midnight, where I don't even know, and that was that. Kids were great with the unexpected long drive, but we wanted to make up some time.  More details tomorrow!



Ok Ok Leave us all hanging!!!
My thoughts in this order are:

1. she is pregnant
2. she wants to camp for the rest of her life so she knows where everything goes
3. she wants to move to the coast to be next to the raw energy of the ocean
4. she wants to continue to Disneyland even though I know you are at one of the ubiquitous Motel 6s but it may be south of Newport not north towards Astoria

Choose one of the above:

4. now when I see the above I know which it is "Dompes at Disneyland"
Why else would Brad see it as pleasant and unexpected---boy he must have been a good boy---that's all i can say!!!!!!!

So have fun you guys!!!!!! Be safe!(if I am wrong and it is #1)
Love you all!!!!!