Day 16 - ??? to Anaheim

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/14/2010 - 22:49


He Said:Not much to report here. Got up, drove a couple more hours, ate Mcdonald's breakfast in a place that stunk to high heaven of pig manure. I thought it might form an unfavourable association, thus forever preventing me from enjoying another Egg McMuffin and freeing me from the cycle of addiction, but I have a feeling it didn't. Although now that I think about it...ew. Then it was on to the Anaheim Maingate hotel for the night.  It's pretty full this weekend, apparently Disneyland's 55th anniversary, so we weren't able to get the rooms we wanted on the days we wanted.  We did end up getting the Grand Californian for the next four days.  One day in their fancy 1 bedroom suite, then 3 days in a theme park view room.  Looking forward to it. Hope the kids, and Shannon, enjoy it. Other than that we kept it very light today. A bit of time in the pool, dinner at the restaurant here (excellent mexican food), and back to the room for an early night.  We can't check in until 3, and I have two separate reservations, with the park passes being on the Friday reservation, but they assure me we can show up in the morning, leave our car there, and get the pass. "I spoke to the supervisor and I'm emailing everyone who needs to know as we speak". So we'll see. Still surprised we did it. Kids are a bit young to truly grasp it, and you really can't see any of it from the road, so it hasn't quite clicked. Very hot here. And now the Odyssey needs it's warranty service. Not sure if I should try to do that now, or after the 26 hour drive back.

She Said:
Wow - so I said to Brad at 10:00 am in Newport "OK lets go" and 26 hours and 1358 km later we were stuck in a traffic jam on the I-5 5 km away from Disneyland. What a difference a day makes.  We were going to go straight to the beach so that the kids could actually go in the water - it was too cold in Newport - but that traffic makes everything so difficult.  Long Beach is something like 12 km away - but it might as well be 80.  Plus the kids were actually prefering the pool.  Gillian was trying to copy my swimming technique and Mara just wanted to jump off the edge over and over and over into mommy's tired arms.  I think I have bruises on my chest from her knees.  Anyway - here we are in Disneyland.  Who won the bet?