Day 2 - Jasper to Clearwater

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Submitted by brad on Sat, 07/03/2010 - 01:45

He said:
Once again, I a writing this on the fourth day about midnight.  We had a good morning, Everyone was a little tired and the rain that night had dampened the wood (not  euphemism).  We had a small breakfast, Shannon attempted to get a sustainable fire, and then we made Jiffy Pop.,  After packing up, we headed up the road to the Miette Hot Springs, which were very close. They were nice, warm. Partway through it started to rain, then sleet, then get stingy, windy, and unpleasant. But it was still an interesting juxtaposition, the warm against the cold. Ryan disagreed and, as would only be expected from a child of mine, quickly and deftly ended all debate.  We had a forgettable lunch in Jasper, then it was off to clearwater. I remember the drive going alright, but the arrival not so much. The KOA campground is nothing like a provincial campsite.  Very little privacy, if any, between the stalls. Fortunately we were both tired and sore and not eager to face another potentially rainy night in the tent, so we settled on the bungalows they also had there. Separate units, two stories, with the one under ours happening to be the laundry room.  It was decent. Basic fridge, little hot plate, some dishes.  Nice view of the manmade lake.  The restaurant was brutally slow, the pool had no shallow end for our kids, they were super excited about the mini golf, and there was free popcorn in the lobby. That about sums it up.

She said:

In camping, as in life, if you don't get a good night's sleep then every unpleasntry is suddenly so much bigger.  The KOA was a family run operation.  It was interesting to eaves drop on the father and son (waiter) argue about who screwed up our order and hear the father finally say "Look, I'm the owner and I say that this is how it's going to go."  The teenaged son looked like he'd rather scrape scum off the bottom of the pool than be waiting on us and he had dead eyes as he rattled off the waiter script he'd been trained to say.  The food, when it finally arrived, was suprisingly good.  Ah - but the sleep was fantastic!