Day 3 - Clearwater

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Submitted by brad on Sat, 07/03/2010 - 01:52

He said:
Day 3 was Canada Day.  Shannon made breakfast then we went to check out the town which, it turns out, doesn't exist. We did luck into a store that had an entire rack of Yes and Know books. I love those. That's one of my primary memories of being on vacation.  There were even some there for Mara's age group. Essentially pictures with matching stickers.  We picked up one of those, some odds and ends, then back to the hotel for a round of mini golf.  After that it was down to Dutch lake for a BBQ, bouncy castle, mega-decorated cupcake, and the beach. The beach was great. Water was not too cold, kids enjoyed it, everything about it was excellent. I could've stayed there all day.  Eventually we came back for naps. Mara and I napped while Shannon and GIllian went for a walk to the farmer's market.  When Mara got up, she LOVED the Yes and Know book. I can't remember the last time I saw her so engaged. She did every single picture. We have to get more of those.  Gillian started a scrapbook of the trip, which is what inspired me to do this.  We rounded out the day with dinner at a chinese buffet and another trip around the town. I think every other house is for sale there, and there were some nice neighbourhoods. The prices were decent, too. 

She said:
And Ryan did his first magic trick!!  He dropped a banana chunk in his lap and reached down to find it and pulled up a pancake!!  "What the?!?!?"   "Hey Mom, Ryan has magic pants".  After supper at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet we did find the real town.  It was fascinating to see the little granny houses with the cute garden gnomes and bird-feeders right next to dilapitated shacks with 3 storey scarecrows made out of old car parts.  I think there are interesting characters living in Clearwater.  The town seems to be dying a little though.  The new neighborhood with the beautiful homes has For Sale signs on every other house.   And Doug you could find work here - there are lots of advertisements for guided fly fishing tours and I think the guy with the 3 storey scarecrow needs help building something out of all the other junk in his yard.